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Dainty Citrine Necklace

Dainty Citrine Necklace



About my products:

All jewelry pieces are made with stainless steel or gold plated stainless, with genuine gemstones.

Stones will be sent at random, unless listed as a one of a kind pendant. They will be a close representation of what is pictured. If you would like to see what specific stones are available, kindly send a message request.

All gems are from the earth and may have color variances, small cracks, spots, inclusions and other naturally occurring oddities, due to the conditions in which they were formed. Please understand that these characteristics make your gemstone beautiful and unique.

I vet from reputable sellers at local gem shows and wholesalers and I personally handpick each crystal, pendant and bead strand to offer the best gemstones.

Each listing is accurate, to the best of my knowledge, using information provided by my suppliers. Sometimes stones can be mislabeled or appear very similar to others. Any inaccuracies of material is genuine confusion or misrepresentation from the supplier.

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